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February 6, 2021

Some Bitch Was Here Screening
with Saturn Rising


meet saturn, a non binary pop star on the verge of collapse; black kevyn, her consort and antagonist; and death, their guide through the mysterious. sbwh: platinum explores the intersection of black excellence, capitalist decadence and cultural madness in the living and imaginal location of los angeles. sbwh: platinum is an excerpt from some bitch was here, a full-length film created by saturn and alexis penney in 2019.

some bitch was here (17 mins)

written by
saturn @saturnrisin9
alexis penney @alexispenney

produced & directed by alexis penney

art direction
toulouse control @toulousecontrol

filmed on occupied tongva/shumash land
in los angeles, ca, usa / 2019

Photo Documentation


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