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hooz & Cen Freedan O.

May 10 – May 18, 2024


A collaboration between hooz and Cen Freedan O. hosted at Murmurs, 𝘈𝘯𝘰𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 is an immersive performance that brings together garment presentation, sculptural installation, performance, and experimental sound. Through captivating set design, symbols, and sensory elements, this performance explores the meeting of two powerful kingdoms, symbolizing the birth of a joint entity and the emergence of a sacred and essential life.

May 10th at 7pm: Doors Open | 8pm: Performance
May 10th at 10pm: After Party in collaboration with Extasy Overnight - link to tickets TBD.
May 11th-18th: Open gallery hours for exhibition viewing from 11-6pm (free)
May 18th at 2pm: Artists hooz & Cen Freedan O. in conversation (free)

During the opening reception of the performance, food will be offered for purchase by Noon Tran as well as beverages; a live soundscape by Umbra Abra following the performance

Following the performance, the works by the artists will turn into a site-specific exhibition of sculptural works and installation to showcase the ephemerality and surviving traces of the performance, which will be on view for one-week.

Production, Creative Direction – hooz & Cen Freedan O.
Movement Direction – Jas Lin
Fashion – Xethreal & hooz atelier
Makeup – Kayli Rachelle
Hair – hooz & Cen Freedan O.
Sound – hooz
Cast – Priscilla Robinson (@artichoke_me), Tatianna Hechavarria (@sadsamo), Yvana - (@hanyin.a), Pyro Xolo (@tenderlilheart), Leeanna Williams (@guvmanian)
Artworks – hooz & Cen Freedan O.

Production, Creative Dir: hooz & Cen Freedan O.
Photography: Euree Hong
Lighting Assist: Hunter Pao
Makeup: Kayli Rachelle
Hair: hooz & Cen Freedan O.
Fashion: Xethreal & hooz atelier
Styling: hooz & Cen Freedan O.
Talent: Ayi Cheng (@ay266), Mia Oneal (@miaonl), Tatianna Hechavarria (@sadsamo), Yvana - (@hanyin.a)

Press Release ︎︎︎

hooz's multifaceted practice is oriented around object making as a form of prayer and a mode of channeling ancestral knowledge. Through installation, hooz opens portals that invite wisdom into a given space. Objects, birthed in alternate realities through ceramic handbuilding processes, are placed as evidence of otherworlds in the context of a shared human reality. hooz engages in an unending process aimed at merging and creating intersections of contrasting materials. Ceramic objects meet textiles, bone, fur, flora, and metal in the context of installations, activated by embodied entities enacting rituals, in efforts to create immersive and transformative experiences that are highly personal and spiritually activating.

Cen Freedan Orismekusa (b.1999) is a mixed-media sculptor and textile practitioner. With no formal training, their practice began with textile manipulation, using it as a medium for nonverbal communication through dress. They instinctively experimented with different textiles and materials, which led them to explore mixed-media sculpture work. Their practice is a visual journal guided by different theories of self (physical and metaphysical). The body becomes an accessory to the mind; the ego is a tool for both creation and destruction; art as a form of immortalization and the importance of private rituals. Their upbringing includes influence from Buddhism, Hinduism, and pre-colonial rituals/traditions. This allows for visual references such as deific identities and personifications of psychological states.

Install Shots

Selected  Works

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