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October 11, 2020 — November 11, 2020 | Opening Sunday October 11 from 1–5

Terra Firma: Foreign Lands


A special capsule collection for the Murmurs shop featuring ceramic pieces by QBIPOC artists curated in collaboration with hooz

Organized by Murmurs & @uhoozi — 50% of proceeds will benefit @beauty2thestreetz an org that provides beauty & other services to unhoused womxn.

This collection is about showcasing the clay renaissance that is currently underway in Los Angeles. The term “renaissance”, although it conjures thoughts of the Western canon, in this case applies to a more inclusive, diverse, and liberated cultural shift. The artists we’ve chosen to feature in this capsule show and fundraiser are rewriting the rules, pushing the possibilities of ceramic art practice in an unprecedented direction. A childlike curiosity forefronts the work, as does the discourse of modernity, whispers of past ancestry, and the unrestricted, decolonized mind.


Dee Alvarado
Erin Bagley
Naomi Chang
Josh Cloud
Narumi Nekpenekpen
Farnaz Sabet
Lyric Shen
Kwamé Sorrell
Noon Yen Ni Tran
Amia Yokoyama

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