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October 28 2022 - December 17 2022

All in Time by Maria Maea


The new body of work in this exhibition examines memory as a revolutionary tool of liberation. Through sculptural installations composed of organic materials collected across Los Angeles, Maea’s practice is deeply rooted in her family lineage and her inherent connection to agriculture. She aims to create space for collaboration and dialogue as a way to generate connection to ancestry.

Maria Maea is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation,  performance and sound. Through her art practice, she deepens her connection to ancestry and collective memory. Maea’s work has recently been exhibited in the Orange County Museum of Art’s California Biennial, Palm Springs Art Museum, La Pau Gallery and Oxy Arts. Maea’s work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Cultured Mag.

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Photo Documentation
Installation Views

All in Time, 2022
Palms, rebar, rotisserie motor, concrete, marigolds, wax, soda cans, Spanish moss, Magnolia seed pod 
Dimensions Variable

Untitled (Brother), 2022
concrete, wiring, shells, earring, LB cap, chuck, sunflower fishing pole, Spanish moss, star fish, madagascar seed pod, squash plant and planter
Dimensions Variable

Pyramid of the Magician, 2022
Paint on Mexican fan palm

180” x 120”

Taupō Creations, 2022
Siapo textile, Tuiga headdress, palm , wire, wood, concrete

Dimensions Variable

Untitled (Nephew), 2020
Concrete, wax, wreath stand, milkweed plant, Madagascar jasmine plant, dried protea, dried flowers, milkweed bugs, painted palm, terrarium
Dimensions Variable

Untitled (baskets), 2020 - 2022
palms, paint, sage horn, Spanish moss, resin

Dimensions Variable

Special Project

The Source: Back to Our Ancestors


A conversation about how religion is used as a tool to colonize, and how our true “religion” is actually our connection to nature and the love we have within ourselves. The decolonized altar represents healing and reconnection to our soul’s purpose. The brands selected for this curation are in direct conversation with the de-colonized altar space. They bring forward the idea of going back to our ancestral roots and its deep connection to nature and ability to heal. Healing is the art of unlearning.

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Libre Skincare, Earthy Corazón, Ever's Apothecary,
SBJ ESNTLS, Tecuane Hair Care

This project is presented in conjunction with Maria Maea’s show All in Time.

Anita Herrera is a creative producer, artist, curator, and cultural consultant based in Los Angeles and Mexico City who specializes in production, brand partnerships and collaborations in the fashion, music and art industries.


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