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Ladies of the Canyon
Friday, August 9th & Saturday, August 10th 2019 | 7pm

Square Circle formed in college in the fall of 2003. By 2005, they had acquired a devoted following. By 2007, they were the biggest name in indie rock. In 2012, following five albums, the band retired for good. Along their journey the four friends encountered artists, critics, fans, friends, and lovers, all of whom affected their course through history.
Here is their story -- all of their stories.

Murmurs is pleased to present a staged reading of "Ladies of the Canyon," the first installment of Jack Levinson's scripted series The Square Circle Story. The series concerns the social universe surrounding the fictional indie rock band Square Circle, who, between 2003 and 2012, become the biggest band in the world. "Ladies of the Canyon" opens the story on a spring day in swingin' 2006, as the band arrives in Los Angeles to record their major label debut. Amid the dings of BBMs and the strains of Lily Allen on the radio, a mystery unfolds among a seemingly disparate group of strangers, all of them headed to the same concert.

This will be the first ever staged theatrical performance of "Ladies of the Canyon," which has previously been presented as an interactive theatrical event in a dinner party setting, with guests pulling their roles from a hat and reading the script aloud together. This new staging will feature hand-drawn projected sets, 2006 period costuming, and an iconic ensemble of performers bringing this fictional universe into a new dimension.

Written, Directed, and Illustrated by Jack Levinson.
Produced by Mercedes Kilmer, Jack Levinson, and Murmurs LA