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Gothic Makeup Transformation

by Jesse Clark

Song - "I" by Perfect Pussy ♫
Top - Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier gifted by Victor Tanisaka
Cloak - Lyla Taube
Nails - Genevieve Belleveau
Photos - Tristan Kallas

Jesse Clark lives in Los Angeles, CA, and is an artist who works in installation, video, performance, makeup, photography and curatorial practice. Born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego, he completed a BFA at The School of the Art Institute Chicago. After 7 years in the Midwest creating work and running two apartment galleries (4E Galley & 14 Chairs) he moved to Los Angeles in 2017. His work has been shown in exhibitions at the Getty Center, UCLA Broad Art Center, Murmurs Gallery, ICA Baltimore, Prairie, MCA Chicago, 123 Astronaut Gallery among others.

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