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October 24, 2021 — December 12, 2021

오리엔탈 소스 공장
The Oriental Sauce Factory
by Haena Yoo

A solo exhibition by Haena Yoo that critiques structures of capitalist production & global scarcity by way of scent, sound, and bacteria growth. Drawing upon Duchamp’s ‘desire motor’ as envisioned in “The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass),” Yoo’s installation competes between binary systems of manufacture (masculine) & natural processes of fermentation (feminine).

Born in South Korea, Haena Yoo works between Los Angeles and Seoul. She received her MFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and her BFA from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. Yoo makes installations constructed with found materials, video, sound, and smell, exploring themes of labor, identity, and global capitalism. With a tinkering process, she is interested in the urgency created by limiting materials to what is at hand, showing the archeological and socio-political status of the maker. A 2018 recipient of the Rema Hort Mann emerging artist grant, Yoo has had solo exhibitions at P.BIBEAU (Brooklyn), u’ (Calgary), and a two person show with Erin Calla Watson at AS IT STANDS (Los Angeles).

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Photo Documentation

Installation Views

Bride Machinery, 2021
Fog machine, timer, DC motor, fermented soybeans, salt water, text from The Savage Mind, wood, metal, clear vinyl, jute twine, tube, blown glass
Dimensions Variable

The Milky Way Table, 2021
Fermented soybeans, , Aspergillus oryzae, salt water, deionized water, glycerin, pepper, dried jujube, magnesium oxide, oregano oil, elderberry, lung health support supplement, Nyquil, Sominex, Benadryl, Aleve, Tylenol, Advil, Cepacol, Midol, Vitamin pill, hand sanitizer, syringe, tube, cast aluminum, plexiglass, and metal
Dimensions Variable

Meju (The Savage Mind), 2021
Fermented soybeans, copies of The Savage Mind, printed rice paper, dried roots of white woodland peony, rehmannia, Mongolian milkvetch,
Korean angelica, lovage, Chinese cinnamon bark, Chinese licorice, ginger, corn silk, straw, Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtillis
9” L x 7” W x 1” D

16” L x 5” W x 2” D

8” L x 5”W x 1.5” D

Checkmate, 2021
HD TV, 5’30” video with sound, found cardboard boxes, tape

Dimensions variable

L’Oriental, 2021
Glass bottles, Oriental sauce
Dimensions variable

I’ve gone to look for America (Pistol I), 2021

I’ve gone to look for America (Pistol II),

I’ve gone to look for America (Revolver),

I’ve gone to look for America (Riffle),
Rice paper dyed in soy sauce
10” L x 7” W x 1.25” D

10” L x 7” W x 1.25” D

13” L x 7” W x 1.25” D

31” L x 7” W x 1.25” D

Photo Credit: Joshua Schaedel

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