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Ella Mae Pop-Up in the Project Room

March 23, 2024 – April 27, 2024

Ella Mae has transformed our Project Room into an immersive experience from her curated universe. To accompany a selective run of garments available for purchase, she has created a full room installation where shoppable garments hang from the boughs of trees and a pond brimming with natural dye grounds the room. A dress suspended from the ceiling dipping into the pond, will slowly transform color for the duration of the month-long pop-up.  This sculpture, encased in natural materials such as ferns and dirt, is one of her physical offerings she creates for the earth in an aim to acknowledge its boundless beauty and irreplaceable resources. The overall effect speaks to her process and ethos in practicing slow fashion.

Ella Mae is a sustainable fashion brand based in Los Angeles California. Her pieces are made with an emphasis on the mindfulness of making. She creates garments as an offering to the earth in an aim to foster a respectful connection to the planet. All fabric is sustainably sourced deadstock and all dyes are hand done at the Ella Mae studio using natural plant matter.

Photos by Cortney Morentin @cortporfa

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