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In the Molecular Moment

by Christopher Michael

The molecular moment is trapped in time, in the sticky space somewhere between a dream and reality. Sometimes these transient moments imprint themselves on to film, like a fly trapped in honey, allowing us to explore their otherwise impermeable nature from the safety of a screen. The captured molecular moment likes to hide,  stowing itself away in B-roll footage, left on the cutting room floor, or hidden away in a hard drive forgotten about ages ago. These trapped moments like to reveal themselves in the most unlikely times, clicking through YouTube at 3AM, watching public access TV on a Sunday Afternoon, or scrolling your phones camera roll while waiting on a train. This video features archival, stock, and found footage to explore these moments, as well as a score by Pete Landry. 

Christopher Michael is an artist and writer originally from Boston. He holds a BA in English and Film from University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland, and has had his written and visual work featured in exhibitions and publications like and Folláin Art Project. He works mostly in video, and is particularly interested in explorations of folklore, the poetics of space, and perceptions of reality/unreality and how these ideas interact with and bounce off of one another. He currently hosts a (now virtual) film screening series, Do Nothing Watch Films, with Thomas Mozden.

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