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November 14, 2020 — January 23, 2021

The Ghost in Me
Bri Williams

Bri Williams is an artist who works primarily in sculpture. Solo exhibitions include Queer Thoughts, NY (2020) and Interface, Oakland, CA (2018). Williams’ work has been presented in group exhibitions at Ochi Projects, Los Angeles; Karma International, Los Angeles; Ramiken Crucible, Los Angeles; and Queer Thoughts, New York, among others.

Photo Documentation

Installation Views

Church Organ, 2020

Installation View

Night Hag, 2020

Taylor’s Mirror, 2019

Theft, 2020

Precipice, 2020
The Conversation, 2020

Closer II, 2020

Biting skin off lips, 2019

Hand Me Down, 2020

Symphony, 2020

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