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Dachi Cole is a mixed media artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico who renders the human form through collage-like abstraction. In both her sculptures and illustrations, she layers colors, textures, and fabrics that reference her active imagination. Often inspired by the talismans of childhood, she uses found and recycled objects to inform her practice.

Solo Exhibitions

Slingshot Through The Bellows, Murmurs Gallery︎︎︎
Los Angeles, CA

Black Cowboys - Mother Culture Gallery︎︎︎
Los Angeles, CA

Group Exhibitions

Meredith Rosen Gallery, Scouring in New York, NY.

Le Maximum, Fata Morgana in Venice, CA.

Crescendo, New Image Art, West Hollywood, CA. The Struggle for Change, Murmurs Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Monster, Svetlana Gallery, New York, NY.

Freedman Fitzpatrick, Of Survival, Celebration, and Unlimited Semiosis in Los Angeles, CA.
Company Gallery, Tissue in New York City, NY.

Lomex Gallery, Condo NY with Arcadia Missa in New York City, NY.
Fisher Parish Gallery, Superhuman in Brooklyn, NY.
Lomex Gallery, The Hard Facts On Tragedy In April in New York City, NY.
Arsenal Contemporary, “Eye to Eye,” “Inside Without Just To See,” in New York, NY.
Mother Culture Gallery, Everything Is More Than One Thing | Future Feel Good in Los Angeles, CA.

Cloud Burst Gallery The Secret Body in New York City, NY.
Mother Culture Gallery, Jargon Off The Double in Los Angeles, CA.

Company Gallery, Soaked: A Performance Series in New York City, NY.

Witte De With Center for Contemporary Art, No Humans Involved in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Whitney Museum, Good Stock On The Dimension Floor in New York City, NY.
Columbia School of the Arts, Donkey Skin Score in New York City, NY.


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